Föreläsning - An Angular developer tries React

18 februari

By Björn

När: 18 mars klockan 17.00
Var: Sundstorget 5 (Eduments Helsingborgskontor)

Carl kommer att prata ca 90 minuter på temat "An Angular developer tries React”:

Carl is a frequent user of Angular, and has been delivering courses about the framework for more than a year now. Angular has been feeling like a rising star for the past couple of years, and it's definitely a mature, popular framework by now. But recently, another rising star has also appeared: Facebook's React, with many of the same goals as Angular, but quite a different design.

In this talk, we'll approach react from the point of view of an experienced Angular user. There will be plenty of opportunity to learn not just about React and Angular from this comparison, but also some underlying JavaScript principles.

In the first hour, we will look at React and compare its features to Angular. How do these two frameworks solve various challenges that arise when structuring and evolving an application?

In the second hour, we will be building a simple react application, adding features step by step. Even in this more practical setting, there will be time to reflect on the differences in approach between the two frameworks.

Inbjudan, där du kan anmäla dig till föresläsningen, kommer inom de närmsta dagarna.